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Counterfeit Bards
Favorite Links

A few of our closest friends, and a sampling of our eclectic and wide-ranging interests:

The Arthurian Order of Avalon: Their official web site is still in development, so email the Herald for information about joining or booking this fine nonprofit educational/drama group.

The Bilge Pumps: Pirates! Singing pirates! Singing pirates from Dallas who do funny stuff onstage, and are great company to share a rainy Faire with. Contact them for all your piratical needs. Aaarrgghh!

The Bohemian Tribe: Our favorite American Tribal style belly dance group, and nepotism has nothing to do with it.

Bridge Road Caravan: The jammingest jam band in town, and really righteous dudes. Lee has to go see them regularly to get his hippie-dance fix.

Celtic Oklahoma: An Internet resource for everything Celtic in Oklahoma you can think of. Explore this site for upcoming events, venues, tunes, sessions, and bands, including our friends Banish Misfortune, Boru's Ghost, Calliope House, Queen's Gambit and Stonecast.

Dustin Cooper: Sometimes disguises himself at Faires as Lord Morgan Ellisse. To find him, listen for the Middle Eastern hammered dulcimer sounds, or look for the Renaissance Courtly Dancers.

Dirty Linen: Folk and world music served up fine in a colorful slick-cover magazine. Includes the most comprehensive tour and gig list we've ever seen.

Folk Music Home Page: Jay Glicksman's encyclopedic compendium. Lots of links to lots and lots of folks.

FoxMoon Productions: Explore the depths of imagination with Fae, Merfolk, and large friendly furry animals.

Full Circle Books: Perhaps the most elegant literary establishment in central Oklahoma, and friendly towards musicians too. Support your local independent bookseller!

James Jones Musical Instruments: Leah highly recommends their hammered dulcimers.

The King Arthur Faire, now located at The Village of Carlisle: Our first paying gig was the first KAF, and we've been with them through July heat and October rain. With history like that, what's a one-year hiatus? Bookmark this site for October 2004.

The Knameless Knights: Renaissance slapstick and comedy unencumbered by good taste or political correctness. Couldn't ask for more. Well, you could, but...

Loose Shoes: Acoustic blues with a World Music attitude. Can't hear them without wanting to get up and move. Feets don't fail us now!

Norman Music Scene: Our favorite guide to our favorite local music in our home town.

The Norman Unitarian Universalist Fellowship: A congregation for people who don't like being told what to believe. A great community for seeking, sustaining, and sharing.

Oklahoma City Traditional Music Association: A more supportive environment for learning, playing, and listening to traditional acoustic music cannot be found.

Phillips Theological Seminary: Anna's home away from home for about seven years. If you need a Divinity degree, this is a good place to earn one.

Red Griffin Productions: Knights, Ladies, Gypsies, and swordplay for your next Faire, convention, or trade show.

Society for Creative Anachronism, The Kingdom of Ansteorra, Barony of Namron: Remember, if it wasn't for the SCA there would be no Rennies, and we'd all be stuck doing Civil War reenactment or something. Pass the duct tape.

Sooner Judo Club: Want to know what "Matte!" means? Mess with our resident Nikkyu and she'll show you. You'd rather learn from her teachers.

Southern Records/Southern Sound Studios: Chris offers some of the best indie blues and Americana around, and he's patient and understanding in the studio too.

University of Oklahoma Medieval Fair: Twenty-eight years and still going strong. Our "Home Faire," and in our humble opinions just about the best.

Terry "Buffalo" Ware: "Americana" music's favorite sideman now leads his own twangy instrumental surf band the Shambles. A cool and friendly guy too. Don't fear the reverb.

More to Lee gradually figures out just enough HTML to be dangerous! Check back often, and feel free to offer your suggestions.

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